Solar Wizard 250watts Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Solar Wizard 250watts Polycrystalline Solar Panel

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Advanced cells packaging, long service life, quality assurance, platinum standard fabrication, wide range of application especially in heavy duty works like rural electrification projects, power supply for traffic, commercial industries etc, are some of the beauty of this PV module.


Case Material:   Black anodized aluminium frames , water tampered glass, whether proof film 
Panel Size  1665 mm X 990 mm X 42 mm
Warranty:                                25years limited Warranty on power output. 
Module Efficiency:                17.10%
Voltages 12V/24
Watts 250
Weight  20kg 

Parks, Industries, Factories, Streets, Yards, Highways, Schools and others.

Other Component You need for this:
Poles, Lamps, Batteries, Charge Controllers 




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