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1.       140W to 160W polycrystalline modules max. Voltage -18v, Typical operating Voltage-14v, Typical operating current 7A(2 Panels)

2.       36W LED ≥65Lumens/Watt, 18iux under luminaire,=>0.75lux x25feet on either side of the center of the luminaire, IES files to be provided, can produce Type III road pattern

3.       Maintenance free Gel type deep cycle battery. Preferably 100AH Deka deep cycle gel or Motoma, Gaston and Trojan 150AH, support 3days of dusk to dawn autonomy of the luminaire.

4.       A vented metallic battery box with sheet thickness ≥1.5mm should be acid-proof with common resistant paint. Box could also be of plastic PVC/Acrylic with thickness ≥2.5mm and 100%

5.       Charge controller and dusk to dawn photo sensor switch 12v/20A Morningstar

6.       6mm height and 4” Galvanized steel pole with frame structures on top of the pole to hold the PV modules, lamps and accessories. The frame structure should have provision for adjustment of the angle of inclination of PV modules towards the south at latitude of location

7.       Provide about 3mm necessary length of wires/cables and switch suitable for DC use and fuses should be provided. Use Nigerian cables(Cutix or NOCACO)

8.       REA Inscription

9.       Installation

10.   Civil works

11.   Transportation

12.   2% Cost of Supervision, Administration & Management.

13.   5% Contingency


****Cost varies with location and additional specifications included other than the above

Contact us at or 09022142030 or 08066895402 for customised specifications.

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