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1.       1 No. ≥ 200W 24V Polycrystalline modules  (1pc)

2.       42W LED, 24V, ≥ 4,800lumens, Power Factor 0.95  (1pc)

3.       Maintenance-free Gel type, deep cycle battery with minimum capacity of 100AH each, 12V(  discharge rate, DOD ≥80%, connected in series)

4.       A vented metallic battery box with sheet thickness ≥ 1.5mm; should be acid-proof with corrosion resistant paint be place between the lamp holder and the frame structures of the PV Module. Box could also be of plastic PVC/Acrylic with thickness ≥ 2.5mm and 100% acid-proof, rust-proof and electrically insulated.

5.       Charge controller with dusk to dawn photo sensor switch 20A/24V

6.       6mm height and 5” Galvanized steel pole with frame structures on top of the pole to hold the PV modules, lamps and accessories. The frame structure should have provision for adjustment of the angle of inclination of PV modules towards the south at latitude of location



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