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Construction Materials

1.       100W, 24v, DC LED Lamp with Patented reflectors, Aerospace aluminum housing, corrosion proof, with system efficacy: >80lm/w, Input voltage of DC 24V or AC 220-240. Built in LED driver with constant current and power efficacy; >85 as manufactured by Siemens (AS Solar) Germany or Exotic Fittings, Singapore.

2.       Solar panel having the following: High efficiency, 12v DC standard output, life time of 25 years, Power (nominal) 120w Power tolerance +/-5%, optimized working  voltage Vm17.3v,  Optimized working  current Im6.94A, Open circuit voltage Voc21.6V, Short circuit current Isc7.7A, Module efficiency 12%, withstanding voltage 1000V, Dimension of module(mm)14828x676x35 Net weight(kg) 11.5 as manufactured by HHV solar technologies PVT Ltd. Siemens Germany, or Exotic fittings, Singapore.

3.       Sealed type 12v, 200-280Ah battery, deep cycle life >=1200 cycle and designed life > 10years 20O  as manufactured by HBL power system Ltd. Or Skimaxtu.

4.       8m single arm galvanized streetlight poles with battery box, solar panel carrier, and mounting brackets & hold down bolt.

5.       3 core x 2.5mm2, 500v PVC/PVC  cable.

6.       70mm2 bare copper earth cable.

7.       Galvanized steel earth rods.

8.        Photocells charge regulator designed for DC lighting system. With ten field  adjustable  lighting control  options, special on/off/on functions, manual test capability,  Dual timer function,  Dusk to dawn automatically suitable for all 12/24Vdc  auto work,20A equalization  voltage:14.8, Boost voltage: 14.4V low voltage disconnect: 11.1V  reconnect: 12.6V as  manufactured by  Siemen Germany, Exotic  fittings,  Singapore or Morning star corporation.

9.       Formworks.

10.   Reinforced concrete foundations complete with anchor bolts.

11.   Bolts, Nuts and other accessories.

12.   Programmable timer switch.

13.   Preparation and casting of concrete plinth (600mmx600mm)



A.  Preliminaries

B.  Construction materials / labour

           Testing and commissioning



****Cost varies with location and additional specifications included other than the above

Contact us at firdaus.solarwizard@gmail.com or 09022142030 or 08066895402 for customised specifications.




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