600W LED Projector Lights for Gym, Stadium Lighting

600W LED Projector Lights for Gym, Stadium Lighting

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·         High quality with 3 years warranty

·         Used to replace 1500w HPS

·         Easy to mount

·         Input Voltage:                          AC85V-305V

·         Power Factor                              0.95

·         Power Efficiency                         87%

·         Working Voltage                        DC30-36V

·         led quantity                               96pcs

·         Led Power                                 600W

·         Lamp Total Power                      610W

·         Light Distribution                   Symmetric /Circular light spot

·         Light Design                           LED + Reflector



1. Factory Workshop, Warehouse, Toll Station, Gas Station, Book Store, Supermarket,
2. Gym, Stadium, Football Field, Exhibition Hall, Dock,Vessels And Other Places Where Lightings are needed


More Detail:

1. Adopt high bright single integrated(COB) LED chip as light source, with good heat dissipation , low light depreciation, pure light color, no double-shadow, high intensity, high resistance of shock or vibration etc.
2. Unique heat sink design perfectly ensure long life of LED chip and power driver.
3. Compact layout and beautiful, corrosion resistant, water proof and dust proof.
4. Energy saving effect saves more than 70% energy compare with sodium lamp.
5. Eco-friendly.

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