Mobile Lighting Tower

Mobile Lighting Tower

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This lighting tower can be moved anywhere onsite and run off its own in-built generator – this together with the four powerful 1000w lightbulbs making it perfect for outdoor night work.


·         Mast height: 1.7m-5m

·         Power output: 1.6kVA

·         Max wind speed: 50mph

·         Voltage: 240v

·         Weight (empty): 226kg




 -  Halide lamps designed for large area coverage

 -  Aluminum reflector housings and tempered impact-resistant glass lenses

 -  Weather-resistant, twist-lock connections for attaching floodlights

 -  Automatic protective shutdowns for high engine coolant temperature and low engine oil pressure


 -  Telescoping mast,with 360-degree rotation and position lock 

 -  Extends 12' to 30' with dual,hand-operated winches and patented automatic safety brake 

 -  Mast retracts and  stows horizontally for travel 

 -  Patented tower locking system to prevent telescoping during travel

 -  Able to stand up to 65-mph wind speed .

 -  Fuel gauge with low fuel shutdown 

 -  Fuel/water separator 

 -  Electric or hydraulic brakes

 -  Super quiet package for even lower decibel output


Contact us at or 08066895402 for customised specifications.

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