SolarWizard 30 Watts Solar Street Light

SolarWizard 30 Watts Solar Street Light

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The Solar Wizard 30Watts Streetlight leaves not dark stops or gray areas when used. Form dusk to dawn, it is built to withstand extreme wheather conditions and comes with premium stand quality assured for all products by Solar Wizard.No room was left for doubt about the quality. With ask long as 30000hours of brightness,pure white luminosity of 5,000- 6,000 K, darkness surely has no hiding.

Parks, Industries, Factories, Streets, Yards, Highways, Schools and others.


Case Material:              Aluminum Alloy and PC
Lifespan:                        Up to 3000hours
Size:                                495(Length)x210(Width) x70(Height)
Quantity:                       1
Light Distribution:       Asymmetric (Bat Wing) / Rectangular Beam Pattern
Lighting time:               Usually 8 /10/12 hours per night, 3-4 / 5-6 rainy or cloudy days.
Warranty:                      2yrs warranty
Voltage:                          12/24V



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