Solar Wizard 200watts Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Solar Wizard 200watts Polycrystalline Solar Panel

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With the Solar Wizard 200Watts Polycrystalline PV you are sure to have a PV with high quality cells, wide ranges of output power, impressive low light performance, rugged look for all weather and location, a connection number of up to 36 in series. This is one PV that can assure an output of up to 85% even after it warranted period 25yrs. Apt for state projects and hybrid installation projects.



Case Material:   Black anodized aluminium frames , water tampered glass, whether proof film 
Panel Size  1665 mm X 990 mm X 42 mm
Warranty:                                25years limited Warranty on power output. 
Module Efficiency:                17.00%
Voltages 12V/24
Watts 200
Weight  20kg 

Parks, Industries, Factories, Streets, Yards, Highways, Schools and others.

Other Component You need for this:
Poles, Lamps, Batteries, Charge Controllers 




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